Maranatha Women's Ministries

Women of God, Living Loved

The purpose of our Women's Ministries is to empower women to live their full potential in God by helping them gain a knowledge and understanding of God.  This ministry will provide opportunities for women to identify and use their unique God-given gifts for the purpose of harvesting other women for God’s kingdom.
Many women live their lives feeling unloved.  Maranatha Women's Ministries theme for 2020 is "Women of God  Living Loved."  Our goal this year is to reinforce the fact that God loves us. He has given us many promises to guide us to this awareness. He wants us to live each day with joy and peace because He is ever with us.

We invite every woman, even if you are not a member of Maranatha, to join us for personal and spiritual growth.  Our monthly meeting take place on the second Sunday of  each month with a special program just for you.  We look forward to see you.



4-6 quart pot with top
Cutting board
Measuring utensils
Small or medium sharp knife
Cookie sheet
Jar with top for salad dressing
9x12 pan for dessert or oval bowl

We will be conducting virtual cooking class for our Women's Ministries monthly meeting on April 11, 2021 - 11:00 AM.
Everyone is invited. Click on our page for a list of ingredients and utensils.
To join the class please click on the link below.
 You will need to download the OfficeSuite HD Meeting app to join by video on your mobile device.
- Join by Mobile Phone:
 +16467415293,,11116144255# or +16467415292,,11116144255#

Women's Prayer Breakfast

Maranatha Women's Ministries starts each year with prayer as we host our annual Women's Prayer Breakfast.

Issues of the Heart

February is Heart Health Month. In support of Hearth Health, the ladies of Maranatha all dress in red on the first Saturday of the February.  Our meeting in February usually deals with "Issues of the Heart; dealing with emotional hurt and healing.  There is something for everyone including our little ladies (The Princess Club).

March Bookclub

Every year, Women's Ministries features a bookclub.  This year we are reading the book The Hannah Anointing by Michelle McClain-Walters.  We invite all our ladies to purchase this book and be prepared to discuss it at our monthly meeting on March 8, 2020.

Know How To Defend Yourself

In our world with so much violence it is important for every woman to learn some form of self defense. Women's Ministries will team up with Adventist Youth Ministries to present a seminar on "Women's Self Defense". We invite every woman to come out and invite a friend to learn how to protect yourself. Stay Tuned for the date which will be placed on this page and in the MIX.  You can view the MIX on  our Communications-Media page.

Mothers' Day &
Women's Day

Our Mother's - Women's Day  will take place on May 9, 2020.  We will take this opportunity to celebrate and honor our mothers, sisters, aunties, and friends.  We provide each mother with a special gift, and have a wonderful lunch which is prepared and served by our men.  We look forward to having you there.

It's All About
 Our Men

In the month of June,  the ladies do the reverse  and honor the distinguish men of Maranatha on Men's - Father's Day.  We present the men with a special gift, and prepare and serve them with at a banquet tailor made just for them.  Stay tuned for the date which will be placed on this page and in the MIX.  You can view the MIX on  our Communications-Media page.