Personal Ministries

Personal Ministries encourages every member to share Christ daily.  We provide seminars and workshops to equip, train, and organize our members to go out and introduce Christ and our church to our community.  Personal Ministries  can be traced to the beginning of Seventh-day Adventist® history in the 1860s. “The church of Christ is organized for service” (Ministry of Healing, p. 148) and “Every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary; we are called to the service of God and our fellow men” (The Ministry of Healing, p. 395) E. G. White. Personal Ministries is the auxiliary of the church to fulfill this calling.

All Gods children are called to be His missionaries..

Sharing The Gospel

Personal Ministries is connected to every member and every department of our church.  We provide tracks, free of charge, to motivate our members to share the Gospel during their week. We assist other departments with tracks to assist with their outreach projects.

Track Attack

Track Attack is an event where our church goes out into the community as a group to do a mass track distribution. This is usually done in the Spring and Summer immediately after Divine Service on a specified Saturday.  Our last Track Attack was accomplished by over 200 members.

Mid-Week Blast

The Mid-week Blast takes place one week in the Spring or Summer. This usually takes place during the week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, culminating on Saturday morning. 

Community Pop Up Event

Our Community Pop Up Event takes place in the late Spring early Summer and is used as an introduction to our Fall Bible Conference.  This is a two-weekend event. Our first weekend consist of us praying with and for our community members in the apartment complex and the surrounding homes close to the church. The following weekend, we have a community baby dedication on Saturday, and on Sunday, we have a community cookout  to fellowship and share.


Personal Ministries collaborates with other departments as we orchestrate events to minister to our community such as our annual "Back to School Event" and our community food distribution, which takes place every other week.  Personal Ministries not only provides tracks, but also provides funds to ensure success of every event. This ministry also works in conjunction with our Publishing Ministries.

Evangelistic Campaigns

Along with scheduled Personal Ministries events, we work in conjunction with our pastoral staff on the church's  core evangelistic campaigns which take place in Spring and Fall.

Community Connections

Personal Ministries is please to connect and share with the organizations and businesses in our community.  Last year, we took lunch to the firefighters in our community, gave out gas cards, and recognized barbers and beauticians who donated their time, talents, and funds to assist with our Community Back to School Event.

Teacher Appreciation

In 2020, we plan to add teacher and school appreciation to our list of outreach programs. We will adopt a third or fourth grade class in our community and  provide extra school supplies to that teacher and the class.


Personal Ministries is not just about spreading the Gospel, but understands that great worship also includes great fellowship. Therefore, we help host and fund our annual church outing every summer.

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