The focus of the Maranatha Family Life Ministries to meet the needs of the TOTAL family unit, including Married and Singles. We are dedicated to strengthening family relationships  in the church and the community by continually pointing them to the One who created the family and who gave Himself for it.  To do this, we provide tools and various programs to help individuals communicate more effectively, deepen commitment in marriage. We offer Financial Peace University and our monthly newsletter which highlights daily family life. It is our hope that each family is blessed and empowered by this ministry.

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Maranatha Family Life Presents Soul Mate

Family Life Ministries is pleased to present Soul Mate for the edification of the Body of Christ.

Soul Mate is a journey into the realities facing successful, saved, and single African American women.  While the statistics have changed since it was written in 2006 (in 2006 42.3% of all African American women had never been married.  By 2016 that number increased to 48%), it still reveals the trials and triumphs of unforgettable women, while offering hope and practical advice on such issues as loneliness, the desire for sexual intimacy, men on the down low, the ticking biological clock and the uncertainty of the future.  It is a film you will want to see again and again.
         Soul Mate was written, produced, and directed by Andrea Wiley.
Sister Ellen Turner - Family Life Leader