Disability Ministry has a unique opportunity of not only proclaiming the love of Christ, but also emphasizing the value and dignity of each person. The Church is not only known by what it says, but also by what it does and how it makes people feel. Therefore, this ministry exists to coordinate and promote acceptance, support, and inclusion of people who have special needs and those who care for them. This global ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church encompasses ministry for and with those with different abilities such as the deaf, blind, orphans, and those with mental health and mobility challenges. It also seeks to provide support for caregivers of those with special needs. At the heart of this ministry is the conviction that all have something to contribute and by contributing they have entered the journey toward wholeness.

Because We Care

Maranatha Disability Ministry provides our homeless community with toiletry care packages. We also send out cards to the sick and shut in from our church as well as other members in the community.   We also conduct a Prayer Chain as we call it, where the members of Disability Ministry call each other and pray for our disabled and sick members and those in the community.

What We Do

Each year we have our annual Disability Day where we focus on our disabled community and offer  seminars and panel discussions on health factors of the disabled.

We also offer CPR classes to help caregivers know how to handle an emergency situations while caring for the disabled.

Many of our disabled community members are limited in their ability to do some basic household chores and physical grooming.  Therefore, we visit our disabled community and offer to help with chores,  washing their hair, or any request for help .

Honoring Our Veterans

Once a year, Disability Ministry honors all of our veterans for their service to our country.  This day is celebrated by having a special speaker who was a veteran. Our veterans receive a certificate of appreciation which is personalized to include the branch of service as well as their title and rank.

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