Streaming allows our services to be viewed by the world. Our techs take the live video and direct it to various sites, maintain the YouTube page, and look for other new ways to present our services to the public. Without streaming, the gospel via video would not go beyond the four walls of this church.


Presentation is responsible for adding content to the sanctuary monitors. This content could be lower third names, videos, song lyrics, scripture, and any other graphics that may enhance the service. This is critical to ensuring the message the speaker is trying to convey is clear and edifies the body of Christ.

Video Production

Video production requires camera persons to keep things interesting by displaying different angles of the action in the sanctuary, Directors  guide the cameras, as they incorporate Presentation graphics. to give a complete view of the service.  This team is responsible for showcasing the service in an interesting and engaging manner.

 Floor Audio & Internet Audio

The floor and internet audio techs are responsible for successfully blending the sound from all mics to create a cohesive, clear and  melodious sound.  Well trained and proficient audio technicians allows worshipers to enjoy and be blessed by the music and the word of each service.


Maranatha  is please to have a team of photographers who captures the moments of our worship on a weekly basis.  This requires the ability to know how to tell the story of the day through photograph.  Additionally our head photographer is responsible for editing all images and sending the best quality images to  our flickr page.

Editing & Library

Media Editors are responsible for taking the raw footage of our   worship service and manipulate it  via an editing software  to get it ready for distribution. Our Librarian is responsible for taking orders for DVDs and ensuring that the DVD's are produced. The finished product is then used to provide edification and spiritual encouragement to all our members and those who request it.

Floating Technician

Our floating technician knows all the stations and fills in wherever needed.  Additionally he is able to troubleshoot when things don't go just right. This ensures that the  service  flows smoothly.

Floor Director

The floor director coordinates with the individuals scheduled to  minister during our worship service to ensure that the flow of worship is continual. 

Social Media

Our Social Media team members monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments; manage social media partnerships with other brands; and create and/or post shareable videos and images


The MIX is our weekly announcements of  upcoming events for our church.  This production informs the church body and online visitors of the upcoming events of Maranatha. Information from the MIX helps members participate in the activities and plans of the church and to assist with the spreading of the gospel.. 

Website is one of the many avenues we use to introduce individuals to the knowledge of God. It is the vehicle we use to share what happens here at Maranatha in a detail manner as well as invite our visitors to join us in ministry. 

Graphics- Video Design

The Graphic Designer is responsible for creating print and web content to market and promote upcoming events, such as evangelistic series, banquest, seminars, community events, special services and ministry events. As a picture says a thousand words, graphic designers help to spread the Gospel visually.

We Invite You to Join Us!

The Communications - Media  Ministries has a dedicated group of individuals who work to provide the Audio and Visual needs of Maranatha. However, we are always looking for new people to join our efforts of spreading the gospel through technology.  Please join us to make a great contribution to this ministry.

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