At Maranatha, we strive to provide an environment for our children to have an encounter with Jesus and feel safe while having fun. We believe that children are the life-blood of the church, and we want them to feel like they are important to us. We provide a worship setting for our children to connect with God each week  while meeting their social and spiritual needs.

Spiritual Life Lesson

We are pleased to teach our children spiritual principles such as tithing, cooking, and money management in ways that are fun and practical.

Vacation Bible Experience

In the summer time, we have our Vacation Bible Experience where we submerge into a fun theme to for an entire week to learn Bible lessons, explore new places, foods, and people as we sing songs, make crafts, and enjoy fellowship and fun. Please join us here at Maranatha where we believe in our children.

Safety is Key

Our children are the utmost importance to us, therefore, we require parents to check their children -in and check-out each week. Our staff of Verified Volunteers and are diligent  to ensure that our children are safe.

Wholistic Approach 

Being well-rounded is essential for everyone. We are pleased to provide you, our parents, with this valuable tool. It can be incorporated into your children's lives to help them experience spiritual, mental, and physical growth.
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